Intro to our family

This is the post excerpt.


Hi everyone reading!

My name is R. My family consists of myself, little A, Neko the black cat and Lily the long-haired kitten. I’m twenty-five as of right now, A and Neko just turned five, and baby Lily is reaching her first birthday this May. We live with my mom, E, and sometimes my twelve and thirteen-year-old sisters (H and big A respectively) come to stay the weekends and/or summers with us. Usually, H spends as much time here as she can, since she only lives about a half mile away. Big A will come over some weekends and will spend about three weeks here over the summer.

The main reason I’m making this blog is to get out of my rut. You see, I suffer from PTSD of the complex variety, as well as a fast developing psychosis. My doctors all say that I need an outlet, as I am unable to work and spend most of my time stressing about one thing or another. I am looking into getting a service dog, but current funds are stopping me from achieving that right now. Maybe soon I’ll do a blog post about the mental health affects my family.

Little A is another reason I wanted to do this blog. Right now, little A is being tested for Autism, and I’m getting mixed reviews on the severity of it. One doctor says he is High Functioning, and another will say that he is more of the mild variety. The test is next week, and I will admit that I am worried about it. They don’t want him to take a nap, which he needs or he over processes and I’m dealing with a screaming, unable to calm, and bolting child.

Neko is the next family member I will talk about. He was originally a gift from my mom to help with my deepening depression I suffered from right after little A was born. She took me to the humane society in my city, and this little black kitten caught my eye. Little A and Neko took to each other in an amazing way. I truly believe that little A would have never learned how to roll over, or crawl, or even walk if it hadn’t been for Neko. I was unsuccessful in teaching little A these things, and here comes Neko. Within just a few months of Neko moving in with us, little A began to roll over. He was walking by 27 months, albeit wobbly until he was four.

Lilly is our new baby. She is little A’s emotional support animal, which we adopted from the same shelter as Neko. While she does not play like most kittens, she is gentle with little A, and will even sometimes groom him if he stays still long enough. She only sleeps in whatever room he is in. I have even notice little A talking more, and reading books to her while she sleeps at times.

Getting ready for little A’s appointment

Hey guys, R here! This weekend is not going the best as we deal with meltdowns from little A and my disassociations. We shall see how tomorrow goes. I will say, however, that we were able to get out of the house today. We walked the hour walk to the Dollar General not far from us. It was nice to get out for a little bit, but my legs hurt and I am drained now.

This Monday is little A’s appointment for his Autism testing. I hope we get a diagnosis this time. Living with the meltdowns, the sensory seeking, and the lack of social skills have led me to believe that he does have Autism, I just need the test completed and get that diagnosis. So today has been so stressful for us as we both dealt with our personal issues and I tried to get A’s stim bag ready for the long appointment.

Well, it’s late and I have to get A off to bed. Afterwards, I am going to take a long shower and freshen up a bit. I’ll see you guys probably on Monday afternoon, or evening, and I’ll let you know what ever they tell me.